Lion  Sight Holdings Ltd. is a conglomerate registered under  the Companies Act No.7 in Sri Lanka as a limited liability Co.  engaged in diverse commercial operations with Japanese collaboration.

It is a  BOI  (Board of Investments) Company  with State  encouragement and geared to meet any challenge , its ramifications extend to every sphere of viable and profitable business operation.  The number of subsidiaries (whose websites can be accessed by clicking the button below) are testament to  our phenomenal success in every sphere of our business activity within a short space of time.
Our  Japanese based conglomerate  is adorned  by  a Board of Directors and a Chairman who are most enterprising , possessed of  long years of experience and highly talented in their chosen fields .
Our  rapid  growth  and expansion with our Japanese counterparts too making a tremendous contribution , coupled with  the ambition to make our motherland prosperous through our own business boom is what has made us to stand out from others and earn the reputation as the consolidated organization that has made the greatest strides in the shortest time in Sri Lanka’s business arena.
With our ever growing clientele to back us in our every effort, our target is nothing shorter than pinnacle of success in every commercial operation.



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